Tribeca Audio Premieres hosts an interview with Chicago-based artists and co-creators of the brand-new audio series Lake Song.


The series, which aired its first two episodes on October 13th, is a 12-episode limited series and a collective response to modern times with a shared dream for the future. Set in the year 2098 in the Republic of Chicago, years after the Covid-59 pandemic that threatened the world’s survival, the citizens have worked together under the leadership of their mayor to withstand the wars and other natural disasters. However, when the city is struck by another immense loss, Dee and her brother must rebuild the community’s dream for the future.


Imagined by a group of multidisciplinary artists, the show’s futuristic Chicago setting feels familiar to those involved. On this episode of Tribeca Audio Premieres, listeners hear from special guests including Chicago-based actress Sydney Charles and Kristina Valada-Viaras, the director of ReachYou, a #Tribeca2022 futuristic augmented reality broadcast. These featured artists are just two of the seven co-creators who have cultivated the unique web of sci-fi, music, politics, and poetry that make up Lake Song.


Throughout this Tribeca Audio Premieres episode, Sydney and Kristina provide listeners with an inside look into the grief and despair Chicago has experienced and how, despite the somber experiences, the creators maintain hope for the future of their community. This is a message that bleeds into the show's theme. At its core, Lake Song makes a statement about the hardships of the past and the longing to heal.


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