We feel your pain—you love seeing stories unfold but you're not feeling the whole “spend $30 on a ticket, a flat soda, and rubbery popcorn” thing about going to the movies. And don’t even get us started on reading 500-page books!

For the finicky consumer who can relate to those qualms, the Tribeca Film Festival’s signature Storyscapes program, presented by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE®, provided five different options for next-level storytelling, all deeply fascinating and all having nothing to do with multiplexes or Kindles.

Three of the attractions were exclusive to TFF attendees and Spring Pass holders: The Enemy, an immersive way to empathize with both sides of the conflict between Israel and Palestine; The Machine To Be Another, in which users were able to see the world through someone else’s eyes; and Door Into The Dark, a walk-through labyrinth where blindfolded users navigated their way to the end with only their physical senses.

As for the other two Storyscapes inclusions, you’re in luck—both are now accessible from the comfort of your couch. Save your hard-earned bucks by avoiding those overpriced concessions, heat up some Ramen noodles, and bring Storyscapes home with these two interactive projects.

Karen may be artificially intelligent, but she's got a cute place.
Stepping up to the Karen: Blast Theory podium and tuning out the crowd to touch-tap-select about your relationship issues for all the room to see is much more pleasant when you're peeking over Karen's shoulder into her airy, exposed brick, West Village-y flat. (We're assuming that an A.I. therapist makes bank. Which only makes her real, life-prying advice feel that much more credible.) —Tiffany Davis
Karen: Blast Theory is available for download now on your iPhone via your device’s App Store.

Do No Track
Do Not Track is better than a psychic...and just as scary. There's nothing creepy-cooler than hearing mundane facts that only you know about yourself repeated back to you as if they're publicly discoverable knowledge. Guess what? They totally are: as in, where you most frequently shop for groceries, what you spent your last paycheck on, and everything in between. Brett Gaylor's iPad-based exhibit puts it all out there. (Sorry-slash-you're-welcome.) —TD
Say goodbye to privacy now by visiting Do No Track’s official site.