We’re happy to announce that Tribeca Film has acquired the rights to Love & Air Sex, a raunchy relationship comedy set in Austin, Texas. Directed by indie vet Bryan Poyser (Dear Pillow, Lovers of Hate), this whip-smart film is a fresh take on the tired “romcom” genre.

After hearing his ex-girlfriend Cathy (The Last Exorcism’s Ashley Bell) is headed for a girl’s weekend in Austin, Stan (Michael Stahl-David) books a last minute trip from NYC to “accidentally” run into her. What he doesn’t expect to find is their best friends Jeff (Zach Cregger) and Kara (The Innkeepers’ Sara Paxton) smack dab in the middle of their own crazy breakup. Sam struggles to keep his sanity intact as he embarks on the craziest weekend of his life, one that involves a trip to the Air Sex World Championships.Right now, you’re probably thinking: what is Air Sex? Think of it as Air Guitar meets karaoke meets mime meets perversion. Contestants get on stage and act out a wild sexual scenario to a song of their choosing, completely solo and (typically) completely clothed. Imported from Japan by Tim League and Henri Mazza at the Alamo Drafthouse Theaters, it has since become a national phenomenon, which is why we’re giving Love & Air Sex the road show treatment!

Director Bryan Poyser and the cast will be travelling around the country to give audiences a cinematic experience they will never forget. In addition to doing Q&As, the crew will bring the ‘Air Sex’ competition featured in the film to the theater itself! Film fans will be able to get in on all the action and show off their moves, right along with the Love & Air Sex team! Here are the details:   

*please note that additional road show dates will be announced in the coming weeks

February 7–New York, NY: Opening at Cinema Village
Guests include stars Ashley Bell, Michael Stahl-David, Sara Paxton, director Bryan Poyser, producer Trace Sheehan, and Air Sex Emcee Chris Trew among others.

February 14–Austin, TX: Opening at Alamo Drafthouse–Slaughter Lane
Guests include director Bryan Poyser and star Sara Paxton among others.

February 20–Dallas, TX: Opening at Texas Theater (one night only)
Guests include director Bryan Poyser and writer Steven Walters among others.

February 21–San Francisco, CA: Opening at Roxie Theater
Guests include star Michael Stahl-David and director Bryan Poyser among others.

March 1–Los Angeles, CA: Opening at Crest Theater (one night only)
Guests include stars Zach Cregger, Sara Paxton, Michael Stahl-David, director Bryan Poyser, and producer Trace Sheehan among others.

April 19–Seattle, WA: Opening at SIFF Cinema Uptown (one night only)
Special guests TBA.

With its talented ensemble cast, outrageous humor, and surprisingly tender moments, Love & Air Sex is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. If you don’t live in any of these cities (or just can’t wait to see the film), the film hits iTunes, VOD and other digital platforms starting February 4.