With an assortment of Tokyo love tales, stoner comedies, David Lynch, and a double dose of Keanu Reeves, NYC local theaters have all of your nostalgic moods covered with this weekend's repertory lineup.

Friday, March 7th

My Own Private Idaho (1991)
12:10 am (also at 7:15 pm Saturday)
IFC Center

See Van Sant's cult road trip tale starring Keanu Reeves and the beloved River Phoenix in 35mm and indulge in IFC's Francofest, a series curated by James Franco himself. 

Lost Highway (1997)
12:00 am (same time Friday)

Lynch's noir psychological thriller with a legendary cast including Bill Pullman, Robert Loggia (before Family Guy had a field day with his name), Patricia Arquette, and even Marilyn Manson. Shown in 35mm as part of The Works - Angelo Badalamenti, the composer and orchestrator responsible for the amazing scores and music of Lynch's films since Blue Velvet.

Saturday, March 8th

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)
12:20 am (same time Friday)
IFC Center

Time-traveling phonebooths + Keanu Reeves + waterpark mishaps with prominent historical figures like Napoleon = one epic Saturday movie night.

Lost in Translation (2003)
7:00 pm
Museum of the Moving Image

See Queen Sofia's Oscar-winner for Best Original Screenplay in 35 mm after a special screening of Life Without Zoe as part of the series Hotels on Film, which is also featuring the Coen Brothers' Barton Fink and of course, The Shining

Sunday, March 9th

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)
2:00 pm

Chances are the last time you saw this was on a grainy VHS when you were nine. So go see it on the big screen while you can.