God's Waiting Room
World Premiere

God's Waiting Room

US Narrative Competition
Feature | United States | 98 MINUTES | English, Spanish | English subtitles
Drama, Romance

In the thick heat of central Florida, Rosie (Nisalda Gonzalez), a musician fresh out of high school, can’t shake her boredom. Before long, she meets Jules (Matthew Leone), a hustler from New York. She falls hard for his streetwise charms and his easy confidence. On the other side of town, Brandon (Tyler Riggs) returns home after a decade in prison, but his transition to life on the outside is dogged by the scars of his past. The summer drags on, pushing these three characters together down a dangerous path.

Expressive and tender, God’s Waiting Room is a meditation on young love, betrayal, and fate—the kind that pulls you toward your calling, and the kind you can’t escape. Riggs, with his debut feature, demonstrates a gift for fiercely compassionate filmmaking, creating the space for vivid performances filled with spontaneity and longing. Sun-drenched and beaded with sweat, this is a beautiful film about people stuck where they are. —Cara Cusumano

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Tyler Riggs

Tyler Riggs moved from Florida to New York to study acting at 21. In 2015 he produced and starred in Boomtown alongside Rachel Brosnahan. God's Waiting Room is his feature directorial debut.

Tyler Riggs
Tyler Riggs, Suvi Riggs
Tyler Riggs
Mack Fisher
Tyler Riggs, Benjamin Eck
Chris Dudley
Aaron Hurley, Benjamin Eck
Nisalda Gonzalez, Matthew Leone, Tyler Riggs, Michelle Nuñez, Ray Benitez, Renata Eastlick

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