Roaring 20's
World Premiere

Roaring 20's

International Narrative Competition
Feature | France | 90 MINUTES | French | English subtitles

Creatively and meticulously choreographed by Elisabeth Vogler, this 24-actor tour de force was made with only 16 crew members in 6 takes. Roaring 20's allows the audience to accompany everyday people as they cross each other throughout their day, much as we frequently cross with strangers whom we never meet. But in this refreshing addition to contemporary French cinema, the audience gets to meet them all, and the experience is full of life.

Such filmmaking ingenuity would be admirable at any time, but succeeding at this in the summer of 2020 should create a place in the indie pantheon for the independently produced Roaring 20's and its generational team born in the age of the internet. —Frederic Boyer

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Elisabeth Vogler

Elisabeth Vogler is a self-taught director living and working in Paris. Her first film, A French Laundry, is a documentary that premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. Her first feature, Paris is Us, is a Netflix Original film.

Elisabeth Vogler
Laurent Rochette
François Mark, Elisabeth Vogler, Noémie Schmidt, Joris Avodo
Elisabeth Vogler
Jean-Charles Bastion
Associate Producer
Maxime Montagne
Olivier capelli
Vladimir Seguin, Alice de Lencquesaing, Noémie Schmidt, Aurore Déon, Manuel Severi, Adil laboudi, Zoé Fauconnet, Léo Poulet, Fanny Santer, Lila Poulet-Berenfeld, Lilou Guillot, Elsa Guedj, Guillaume Pottier, Mehdi Djaadi, François Mark, Margaux Bonin, François De Brauer, François Rollin, Elie Salleron, Joris Avodo, Paul Scarfoglio, Léa Moret, Elise Tilloloy, Jean Thevenin

US Sales Contact
Julien Razafindranaly
Films Boutique
Berlin, 10997
Print Source
Thomas Stephen Floch
Paris, 75011
Phone: +33 617 304 394
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