Believe it or not, 12 days isn't as much time as you'd think. Especially when it comes to the the annual Tribeca Film Festival®, during which NYC becomes home to over 400 film screenings, more than 30 Tribeca Talks, and a seemingly endless lineup of special events and exhibitions taking place in our Tribeca Festival Hub. So, how can one person possibly tackle all of these exciting opportunities and get the most out of what Tribeca has to offer?

Answer: The Hudson Pass.

The Hudson Pass offers the most access to the Tribeca Film Festival. For those 12 days, it's your official key to the city. With the Hudson Pass, you'll have access to every movie outside of the Gala screenings, including the most exciting new documentaries, dramas, comedies, short films, horror films, and works in progress from all around the world. You'll also be able to listen in as the filmmakers open up about their productions during the post-screening Q&As. The Hudson Pass also gets you into all Tribeca Talks panels, including the crowd favorite Directors Series. Last year's Hudson holders were able to soak up game from industry heavyweights like George Lucas, Amy Schumer, Ava DuVernay, Cary Fukunaga, A$AP Rocky, and Olivia Wilde.

Need some more convincing? Try this: The Hudson Pass gives you full access to the Tribeca Festival Hub. Innovative storytelling, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality pieces, art exhibits, music performances, and summits with top thought leaders in the entertainment and media industries make the Tribeca Festival Hub a vibrant, central part of the festival. See something new, meet someone new, learn something new each of the fest's 12 days. Oh, and, lastly, you'll get an invite to one exclusive filmmaker party.

Not a bad deal, right? The Hudson Pass is available now for purchase, and will remain available for a special holiday price of $999 through December 31. (It's regularly $1250.) After buying the Hudson Pass, you'll receive it in a special gift box that also includes a special edition Tribeca Film Festival scarf and two DVDs from Tribeca Film.

If that price tag seems intimidating, keep this in mind: We haven't even begun announcing the festival's details. In other words, take all of those perks mentioned before and multiply them exponentially.

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