Shortly after becoming available on the Android, Vine has officially become more popular than Instagram. Swapping out vintage filters for the ability to paste clips together in a matter of seconds, users seem to prefer Vine when it comes to expressing themselves, whether it's to make daily comedic vignettes, whimsical stop-motion snippets, or simple 6-second shots of cool moments of their lives (you can now see tiny fragments from all over the world, thanks to Vine.) This week's round-up features a special message from the White House, Bo Burnham being cute, and one Viner who is nothing short of brilliant.

The Top 5 of the Week, in Our Opinion:

Playing with my toy cars :), by Ian Padgham

Featured on our list last week for a charming stop-motion vine, Ian Padgham's style is uncomplicated but still entirely magical:

Messing around with clay, by Ian Padgham

He's so great, he got 2 videos on this list:

I finally found the one <3, by Sebastian Revilla

Don't you hate it when this happens?:

Finger drop two, by Andrew Maynard

Scientist Andrew Maynard has a little fun with stick figures:

 #Dadproblems, by Bottlerocket

A model father:

The Week in Celebrity Vines:

THIS IS MY JAM!!!, by Bo Burnham

Try and not smile:

How to get a date with Michael Phelps, by Lolo Jones

Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones is actually a pro Viner:

SCORCHING!, by Chris D'Elia

I've always wanted to do this:

Duet(ish) with Thom Yorke, by Gillian Jacobs

At her fans' requests, Gillian Jacobs does a little dance:

And the Most Popular Vine of the Week Is…

Spotted: Cookie Monster at the White House, by White House Video

This was a smart way to distract from all the Edward Snowden/NSA drama this past week, but @Misnoper had the best jab, saying that CM is “gathering browser cookies for the NSA”.

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