(You might notice that many of these Viners went on to fame and glory!)

Pinot, a magical animator from Indonesia who mixes whimsical stop-motion sketches and cut-out paper effects with the banality of real life, submitted several Vines:

And here is Pinot's Kubus Series, where a rough sketch of a cube literally tries to escape off the page.

In Tee Ken Ng's amazing animated Vine, a projected bird flies around a room:

And then we have Marlo Meekins, who works in TV animation in LA and is a self-proclaimed "Bigshot Vine Performer/Artist". This one's called "Citizen Kanine," and she deserves an award for the title alone.


Another clever dog-related Vine is this one by the hilarious Fiona Bradford (@Fionzone on Twitter):

Just try to wrap your head around how Doodle Dan made this stunning Vine:

Scotty Wish threw in a little existentialism for his stick figure animation entry:

Finally, some claymation! Dara Moss's worms and booger monsters definitely fit the mold for a perfect 6-second Vine.

Musician RedFoo shows off his (very) funny side in this goofy scene involving a set of lost keys.
Dubai-based artist Hassan Kiyany not only produced an unusually high quality Vine with an impressive zoom-in, but demystified the filming experience on his blog and even made a special video with clips of the production process (for those wondering how exactly it was done.)​

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