Uniting Artistic Collaboration and Strategic Distribution for Lasting Influence

Damian Bradfield

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, WeTransfer

Brian Newman


From film to art or music, new patrons from the corporate world have reimagined what is possible for creative storytelling in the brand arena. While the opportunities to create inspired and impactful content are immense, pairing corporate DNA with the right storytelling channels can be a delicate balancing act. Join the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of WeTransfer Damian Bradfield and Brian Newman, founder of Sub-Genre, for an eye-opening discussion on what happens to branded content once the artist has done their part, how brands can use the art of storytelling to bolster their value proposition, and how picking the right avenue for distribution can help bolster impact and influence. In partnership with WeTransfer

SPEAKERS: Damian Bradfield, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, WeTransfer; Brian Newman, Founder, Sub-Genre

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