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Our Main Stage will host intimate conversations with dynamic speakers and thoughts leaders. Our Forum sessions are designed to take a more in-depth look at industry trends and provide meaningful peer-to-peer engagement through open discussion and Q&As. All Tribeca X guests are encouraged to use our working lounge areas throughout the day. Daily breakfast and lunch will be served to mix and mingle.
Our Main Stage will host 30-minute, intimate conversations with dynamic speakers and thought leaders from advertisement, marketing and entertainment.

Building Trust: How to Empower the Global Community as Innovation Accelerates

Albert Bourla, Chairman and CEO of Pfizer, is committed to building trust because patients must first trust breakthroughs before they can change lives. In a time of change and disruption in healthcare, Pfizer is advancing innovation and working to help patients as they make the best choices about their health. Behind-the-scenes documentaries, podcasts and innovative ways of sharing patient stories are among Pfizer's key strategies for strengthening understanding with patients and other key stakeholders. With a focus on driving scientific and commercial innovation needed for a transformational impact on human health, Dr. Bourla leads Pfizer in its purpose, “Breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.”

One of the preeminent voices in purpose-driven storytelling is award-winning journalist and New York Times best-selling author Katie Couric. Couric recently co-founded Katie Couric Media, a multimedia news and production company on a mission to drive important conversations around today’s biggest issues. In this rousing session, Couric and Dr. Bourla will discuss the power of storytelling and innovation to inspire action, build trust in communities around the globe and move the world forward. 

SPEAKERS: Albert Bourla, Chairman and CEO, Pfizer; Katie Couric, Co-Founder, Katie Couric Media

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Creativity and AI – Friends or Foes?

Every storyteller knows that AI will change how we generate ideas and insights, as well as how we create and innovate. But what if a smarter world powered by AI turns out to be one where ideas are less differentiated? Will these tools democratize and spark creativity, or lead to more homogeneity across the spectrum of creative expression? In this conversation, CEO of IPG Philippe Krakowsky will explore the role of human craft and imagination as we enter this new era.

SPEAKER: Philippe Krakowsky, CEO, Interpublic Group

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Hampton Water: A Father-Son Brand Story That’s Hitting all the Right Notes

Father-son duo, music icon Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse Bongiovi, shared a vision to disrupt the rosé wine category with a wine brand unlike anything on the market. In collaboration with award-winning winemaker Gérard Bertrand, Jon and Jesse created a rosé that perfectly blends the sophistication of French wine with the laidback Hampton’s lifestyle – and in a stroke of branding genius, they named it Hampton Water. With an evocative design, a catchy name and a transportive brand story, Hampton Water first took over every pool on Long Island and quickly went on to become one of the top selling rosé wines in the country. In this delicious session, get immersed in Hampton lifestyle with Jon, Jesse and moderator Donny Deutsch, On Brand Podcast Host and one of leading branding mavens of our time, as they come together to discuss the creative evolution behind their mega-successful brand story, the future of Hampton Water, and the brand’s charitable causes. 

SPEAKERS: Jon Bon Jovi, Music Icon & Co-Founder, Hampton Water; Jesse Bongiovi, Co-Founder, Hampton Water

MODERATOR: Donny Deutsch, On Brand Podcast Host and Former CEO and Chairman of Deutsch Inc.

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Super Serious - Everything is Entertainment

Hollywood stalwart and live television sensation, Terry Crews, is taking a bold step into the creative agency realm with the launch of his new company Super Serious. The venture aims to redefine entertainment across various mediums including TV, movies, concerts, art, live events, physical products and branded content. The inception of Super Serious also marks a reunion for Crews with Co-Founder Matt O’Rourke – the pair worked together on the now legendary Old Spice campaign while O'Rourke was at Wieden and Kennedy, which revolutionized brand engagement through entertainment. Joining Crews and O'Rourke is COO and Partner Paul Sutton, a legend in the advertising world with a track record of bringing innovative campaigns to life for disruptive agencies like CP+B. Together. This trio is set to explore the expansive landscape of entertainment, guided by their shared philosophy that 'Everything is Entertainment.'

SPEAKERS: Terry Crews, Actor, CEO and Co-Founder, Super Serious; Matt O’Rourke, Co-Founder, Super Serious; Paul Sutton, CCO and Partner, Super Serious

MODERATOR: Chanelle Kalfas, Head of Enterprise Brand & Top-of-Funnel Marketing, The New York Times

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Molson Coors: Transforming a Legacy

Michelle St. Jacques has spent the past five years on a mission to invigorate Molson Coors and its portfolio of brands in North America. After joining the company in 2019 as chief marketing officer, St Jacques was promoted to chief commercial officer in 2023. Through both roles, she has implemented a bold vision for Molson Coors’ brand portfolio, helping to transform the legacy beermaker into a full-fledged beverage company. In her role as chief commercial officer, St. Jacques is harnessing the power of marketing, sales, innovation, and digital capabilities to unlock the next phase of cultural resonance for seminal brands like Coors, Miller, Blue Moon, Simply Spiked and more. In this enlightening session, Kerry McKibbin, President of Mischief @ No Fixed Address, will sit down with Michelle St. Jacques to illuminate how she's been able to drive transformative growth for Molson Coors as it boldly pursues its next chapter.

SPEAKERS: Michelle St Jacques, Chief Commercial Officer, Molson Coors

MODERATOR: Kerry McKibbin, President, Mischief @ No Fixed Address

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ReelShort: Every Second is Drama

ReelShort is the new big thing in short-form storytelling, delivering smartphone-friendly melodramas to millions of viewers worldwide. In this illuminating conversation with Joey Jia – CEO and Founder of Crazy Maple Studio, the company behind the ReelShort app – he will share insights into the profitable business of producing ultra-short, binge-worthy shows with emotionally charged storylines delivered directly to smartphone devices and right into the hands of drama-hungry viewers. This session will provide insights into how vertical streaming shows have become a billion-dollar industry in China, how Jia aims to make the bite-sized sensation equally successful in the United States, and why serialized short-form storytelling is the future of streaming. In partnership with ReelShort. 

SPEAKERS: Joey Jia, CEO and Founder, Crazy Maple Studio

MODERATOR: Kevin Fallon, Senior Entertainment Editor, The Daily Beast

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Unlocking the Power of Purpose: How Your Brand Can Lead With Impact

Empowerment and unlocking possibilities has always been at the core of Canva’s DNA. On the journey to empower every business globally, discover how, by leading with impact as the north star, Canva has unlocked substantial growth and created a loyal community of brand advocates. In this vivid keynote, Canva’s VP of Consumer Marketing Kristine Segrist will illuminate how brands can successfully unlock the power of purpose. In partnership with Canva.

SPEAKERS: Kristine Segrist, VP Consumer Marketing, Canva

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Company Fundamentals with FundamentalCo

After leaving a long career in advertising, Jonny Bauer joined Blackstone – the private equity juggernaut to found the company’s brand strategy and transformation practice. Recently, Bauer spun out his team out of Blackstone to an independent operation called FundamentalCo, with Blackstone as their founding anchor client. FundamentalCo is a brand-led value creation company that’s changing the consultancy model from an efficiency-based model to a vision based one. For Bauer, a company’s brand should be thought of as a filter to inform decision-making, not a wrapper to justify decision-making.

Tapped to spearhead the product and experience arm of FundamentalCo as Executive Creative Director is former J. Crew president, television personality, fashion icon and brand visionary Jenna Lyons. Lyons has been at the forefront of creative influence for decades, from cementing the J. Crew brand’s legacy, being named Editor in Chief at Large for The Coveteur magazine, to co-founding her own direct-to-consumer beauty brand, LoveSeen. In this illustrious conversation, Bauer and Lyons will come together to illuminate why mastering the fundamentals of brand strategy is key to any company's success. 

SPEAKERS: Jenna Lyons, Executive Creative Director, FundamentalCo & Founder & CEO, LoveSeen; Jonny Bauer, Founder and CEO, FundamentalCo

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More Than Just Content: Creativity in the Age of Social Media

In today’s digital world, the lines that separate a filmmaker from a writer from a content creator have become increasingly blurred. A new class of creatives are pushing the boundaries of content creation by diversifying the mediums they use - from social media to advertising to mainstream entertainment - and the types of audiences they reach. Nicolas Heller is a commercial director and documentarian best known to his 3m social media followers as @newyorknico where he celebrates New York's colorful side, earning him the nickname “The Unofficial Talent Scout of New York.” Heller will be joined in conversation by writer, actor, director Asher Grodman, who recently wrote and directed the mega-viral short film Jacksonville Jaguars Schedule Release Video (a 2024 Tribeca X Award Official Selection), and comedian, producer, Tribeca alumni and internet multi-hyphenate Kareem Rahma, best known for his two critically acclaimed and massively viral internet TV shows @keepthemeterrunning and @subwaytakes. Alongside President of Whalar Talent Victoria Bachan, Heller, Grodman and Rahma will discuss how to creatively collaborate with brands and the art of cultivating your own voice in the age of social media. In partnership with Whalar. 

SPEAKERS: Nicolas Heller (aka New York Nico), Filmmaker; Asher Grodman, Writer, Director, Jacksonville Jaguars Schedule Release Video; Kareem Rahma (@subwaytakes, @keepthemeterrunning), Comedian, Producer 

MODERATOR: Victoria Bachan, President, Whalar Talent

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How to Tell a Story AI Could Have Never Produced?

In this session, Ariana Stolarz of Accenture Song, the world’s largest tech-powered creative group, will sit down with Tim Pastore of Smuggler Entertainment, the production company behind the documentary “Messi’s World Cup: The Rise of a Legend” about the power of storytelling through the lens of one of the greatest stories of our times: Messi’s. One of the most powerful, loved brands in the world. A brand story, two decades in the making. A story about fandom, content co-creation, and exponential growth. About myths and fairy tales. A story so uniquely and deeply human that transcends anything that ChatGPT could ever draft.

SPEAKERS: Ariana Stolarz, Global Chief Strategy Officer, Marketing, Accenture Song; Tim Pastore, CEO & Co-founder, Smuggler Entertainment

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Uniting Artistic Collaboration and Strategic Distribution for Lasting Influence

From film to art or music, new patrons from the corporate world have reimagined what is possible for creative storytelling in the brand arena. While the opportunities to create inspired and impactful content are immense, pairing corporate DNA with the right storytelling channels can be a delicate balancing act. Join the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of WeTransfer Damian Bradfield and Brian Newman, founder of Sub-Genre, for an eye-opening discussion on what happens to branded content once the artist has done their part, how brands can use the art of storytelling to bolster their value proposition, and how picking the right avenue for distribution can help bolster impact and influence. In partnership with WeTransfer

SPEAKERS: Damian Bradfield, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, WeTransfer; Brian Newman, Founder, Sub-Genre

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Marketing Industry's Hollywood Aspirations

In the wake of Barbie, new opportunities have emerged for brands to co-create — and consequently, own — the entertainment they have historically interrupted. Rising up to meet the demand are a roster of Hollywood producers who understand that the future of marketing lies in harnessing the power of premium storytelling to connect with consumers on a deeper and more authentic level. Two key architects of this new paradigm of fluidity between talent, brands, and entertainment are Michael Sugar (Spotlight, The Knick) and Daniel Rosenberg (Inside Man, Odd Mom Out). Sugar is the CEO and Founder of Sugar23, a management, production company which is deeply invested in the convergence of brands and Hollywood. Sugar has been awarded the Oscar® for Best Picture for “Spotlight,” and has been nominated for multiple Emmys and Golden Globes, and has received two Television Academy Honors, two AFI awards, and two Peabody Awards. Rosenberg is a writer, award-winning producer and co-founder of Piro, a creative shop and production company specializing in premium branded and mainstream entertainment.Alongside AdWeek’s Olivia Morley, Sugar and Rosenberg will illuminate why the marketing industry is going all-in on Hollywood and why brands should seize the opportunity to make original, mainstream entertainment—not advertisements—to drive culture resonance, long-term brand awareness and ultimately, profit.

SPEAKERS: Michael Sugar, CEO and Founder, Sugar23; Daniel Rosenberg, CEO and Co-Founder, Piro

MODERATOR: Olivia Morley, Senior Agencies Reporter, AdWeek

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GM: Transforming with Our Customers

It’s an exciting and dynamic time for the automotive industry as General Motors is transforming through the greatest period of disruption in decades. Alan Wexler, SVP of Strategy & Innovation at General Motors, and Melissa Grady Dias, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Cadillac, will discuss how GM is positioning itself for success in the EV race by keeping a keen focus on its customers. From the way customers shop to how they use technology in vehicles, GM is meeting customers where they are and creating experiences that delight and deliver exactly what they want.

SPEAKERS: Alan Wexler, SVP of Strategy & Innovation, General Motors; Melissa Grady Dias, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Cadillac

MODERATOR: Jenny Rooney, Chief Experience Officer at Adweek

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Future of Advertising: How AI & Commerce Will Shape Consumer Experiences of Tomorrow

Publicis Groupe recently announced a bold new vision and approach that puts AI at the core of its business. Companies across every industry and vertical are exploring AI and leveraging it in new ways across creative, media, production and more. Publicis Media CEO Dave Penski will be joined by editor-in-chief of Ad Ag, Jeanine Poggi, to discuss the future of AI in advertising and media, the promise it holds for brands, and how it will power a new era of connected commerce to drive continued business growth for marketers.

SPEAKERS: Dave Penski, CEO, Publicis Media

MODERATOR: Jeanine Poggi, editor-in-chief, Ad Age

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Celebration of The Most Famous Line in Advertising and the Woman Who Wrote It – World Premiere Screening of "The Final Copy of Ilon Specht"

Attend the Global Premiere of The Final Copy of Ilon Specht, a new, short documentary about the late eponymous McCann Copywriter whose idea ignited a beauty revolution. From TRAVERSE32 and two-time Oscar-winning® director Ben Proudfoot now comesthe intimate deathbed account of the unsung advertising genius who coined L'Oréal's iconic 'Because I'm Worth It' tagline in 1971, a four-word feminist manifesto that, against all odds, changed advertising forever. Through intimate interviews with Ilon and her daughter, this film captures the impact of one woman's extraordinarily courageous spirit and creative mind – and the ways in which her belief in the value of every individual – irrevocably transformed women’s abilities to define their own worth. 

The film will be followed by a powerful conversation with Ben Proudfoot, actor and activist Jane Fonda, actor Aja Naomi King, McCann Worldgroup Global CEO Daryl Lee,CCO at McCann NY Shayne Millington,and L’Oréal Paris, Global Brand President, Delphine Viguier-Hovass, which will explore the themes presented in the documentary including notions of a woman’s worth, the value of the female voice in the creative industry and the enduring impact felt by generations of women around the world when they hear the words “Because I’m Worth it.”

SPEAKERS: Jane Fonda, Actor, Activist; Aja Naomi King, Actor;Ben Proudfoot, Academy Award-winning director, and Delphine Viguier-Hovass, Global Brand President, L'Oréal Paris; Shayne Millington, CCO at McCann NY

MODERATOR: Daryl Lee, CEO, McCann Worldgroup

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Rightness Over Greatness: The Creative Battle of Experience Over Theory

Daniel (DC) Cherry III is SVP & General Manager on the global Adidas Originals, Basketball, & Partnerships team, leading Originals L.A. – a cultural lifestyle innovation footwear, apparel, & accessories business unit based in Downtown Los Angeles. As one of the driving creative forces in brand storytelling and cultural marketing in the 21st century, DC will discuss lessons he’s learned to connect more credibly to culture to drive brand creativity, confidence, & results.

SPEAKERS: Daniel (DC) Cherry III, SVP & General Manager, Adidas Originals L.A. 

MODERATOR: Chaucer Barnes, Chief Marketing Officer, Translation + United Masters

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Value of Independence in a Shifting Media Landscape

Byron Allen has always been fiercely independent. Driven by a desire to build something of his own, Allen founded Allen Media Group in 1993, which now encompasses AMG Entertainment Studios and its expanding portfolio of 10 cable networks, including the Weather Channel, JusticeCentral.TV, and Cars.TV, a theatrical movie distribution company and, most recently, a growing stable of Big Four-affiliate broadcast television stations.

In this robust conversation, Allen will discuss how to navigate content distribution in a shifting marketplace, the vitality of broadcast news and its foundational role in upholding the pillars of not just the media business but democracy as a whole, how AMG is breaking new ground in transparent data analytics and audience measurement, and why Allen has been a staunch champion of diversity, equality and creating a level playing field in all areas of the business. Hear why Allen’s core ethos of staying self-reliant and independent is key to not just surviving, but thriving, in a shifting media landscape. 

SPEAKERS: Byron Allen, CEO, Allen Media Group

MODERATOR: Kamaron Leach, CEO,Leach Ventures

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Future of Marketing Through the Lens of AI and Tokenomics

OKX CMO Haider Rafique and BBDO Worldwide CEO Andrew Robertson sit down with Olympic Snowboarder and Entrepreneur Scotty James,delving into the future of marketing, particularly exploring how advancements in technology and web3 will play a crucial role in shaping the industry's future.

SPEAKERS: Haider Rafique, Global Chief Marketing Officer, OKX; Andrew Robertson, CEO, BBDO Worldwide

MODERATOR: Scotty James, Olympic Snowboarder & Entrepreneur

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BET Brand Revolution: Championing Black Culture Through Authentic Expression

Kimberly Paige had nearly two decades of brand marketing experience under her belt when she joined BET Media in 2019 as EVP, Chief Marketing Officer, just as the company was entering their 40th year. Paige was presented with a unique opportunity to redefine, and revitalize, the BET legacy brand. For Paige, it was essential that the company move beyond a one-dimensional view of its audiences to consider the broad range of contexts these consumers occupy in order to connect with audiences in more meaningful ways. Paige knew the BET brand revamp hinged on building a strong relationship between brand and consumer through authentic means of cultural expression. In this session, Kimberly Paige will illuminate her strategic approach to the BET brand revolution and why it wasn’t just about future-proofing the BET brand, but ensuring the brand reflected the world we live in. 

SPEAKERS: Kimberly Paige, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, BET Media Group

MODERATOR: Luz Corona, Community Editor at Adweek

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Every Mother Counts: Inspiring Action and Driving Change Through The Power of Storytelling

Every mother has a story. Catalyzed by her own harrowing experience, Christy Turlington Burns founded the nonprofit Every Mother Counts with the mission to make pregnancy and childbirth safe, respectful, and equitable for women across the globe. Recognizing that statistics alone cannot capture the impact of maternal mortality, Turlington Burns placed storytelling at the core of Every Mother Counts’ advocacy strategy. Using filmmaking, like their Giving Birth in America documentary series, Every Mother Counts has humanized the maternal crisis, making it relatable and compelling for a broad audience and underscoring the importance of authentic communication to drive social change. 

In this illuminating conversation, Christy Turlington Burns will be joined by CNN anchor Abby Phillip, who is herself a powerful advocate for maternal health. Phillip shared her own personal and heartrending experience with childbirth in her episode of The Whole Story on CNNHomebirth Journey: Saving Black Moms”, driving much-needed awareness for the Black maternal health crisis. Together, Turlington Burns and Phillip will spotlight the power of storytelling to inspire action and create meaningful change for every mother, everywhere.

SPEAKERS: Christy Turlington Burns, Founder & President, Every Mother Counts; Abby Phillip, NewsNight with Abby Phillip, CNN

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