Tribeca X 2023 Official Selections

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Tribeca X Award Winners

Earthbound: Nzambi Matee, Features; Translators, Shorts; Full Bleed, Series; Gorillaz Presents ... Skinny Apes, Immersive; Making an Impossible Airplane: The Untold Story of the Concorde, Audio.


Earthbound: Nzambi Matee

Brand: Gjenge Makers

Director: Farhoud Meybodi

Earthbound: Nzambi Matee, executive produced by Orlando Bloom, explores the life and achievements of Nzambi Matee, a Kenyan innovator and entrepreneur who is tackling the plastic waste epidemic in her hometown of Nairobi. Despite all the risks, Nzambi perseveres in her pursuit of pioneering technology that transforms plastic waste into paving bricks, eventually earning worldwide recognition as a United Nations Young Champion of the Earth. The film emphasizes the boundless potential of human ingenuity and serves as an optimistic reminder of the impact that each of us can have on our local communities.


Brand: Novo Nordisk

Director: Isabel Bethencourt

EMBODIED, follows the stories of five individuals as they combat weight stigma; a drag queen using humor to unravel discomfort around weight and queerness; a mermaid reconciling with generational fatphobia; a midwife working to dismantle fat bias in reproductive health; a former linebacker navigating the unclear relationship between health and size; and a CEO creating space and community for the millions of Americans with fat bodies. This feature offers a personal lens into the sensationalized topic of fatness, and gives the audience a glimpse of how these people live full and authentic lives.

Gaining Ground: The Fight for Black Land

Brand: John Deere

Director: Eternal Polk

Gaining Ground: The Fight for Black Land, a 90-minute first-person narrative documentary film produced by Al Roker Entertainment that educates and addresses land ownership racial inequities that have existed in America for generations. It also serves to champion John Deere’s commitment to working with various partner organizations focusing on the work needed to improve the lives and livelihoods of Black farmers, with a particular emphasis on the preservation of Black-owned farmland in rural communities.

Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds

Brand: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Director: Glen Milner

Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds, produced by Ben Hilton, is a journey into the creative mind of the most iconic video games designer in the world. Featuring contributions from visionary artists, this visually captivating documentary gives a rare insight into Hideo Kojima's creative process as he launches his own independent studio.

Inside the Dream

Brand: Bulgari

Director: Matthieu Menu

Inside the Dream, follows Lucia Silvestri, a passionate gem hunter and creative director, on an exclusive journey along the stages of high jewelry creation. From the search for finest gems in India, to collaborations with influential celebrities such as Zendaya.


Bring Back the Whistle Dog

Brand: A&W

Director: Bob Simpson

Bring Back the Whistle Dog explores the unique fast food item that has ignited lasting passion at Canadian restaurant chain A&W. This “hot dogumentary” profiles diehard fans fighting the good fight to bring back the iconic dog.

Dirt in the Diamond

Brand: Motown Records UK, Chivas

Director: Renee Maria Osubu

Dirt in the Diamond, a short film, set in 1970’s London, explores the duality of grief and celebration within the mourning period of Jamaican culture. The film pays homage through its style and use of archival footage, to the generations before us, who have been intentional about preserving our customs, traditions and communities after immigrating to the UK and enduring the difficulties that came with it.

Flipper’s Skate Heist

Brand: Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace

Director: Ben Dean

Flipper’s Skate Heist, celebrates the official opening of Flipper’s skating rink in London, the iconic est. is debuting the ‘Chronic Skate’ in recognition of Dr. Dre’s first studio album, The Chronic. Flipper’s founder Liberty Ross chose to highlight her longtime friend and supporter by creating the collectible ‘Chronic Skate’ - the product is highlighted and officially introduced in the ‘Flipper’s ‘Skate Heist’ short film. The film is about a skating heist that ensues through city streets, seeing Flippers' core skate collective arrive at the new site for a historical gliding dance session.


Brand: Panasonic

Director: Dumas Haddad

Flowers, produced by George Telfer, follows a young prince embarking on a potent journey of self-discovery to claim and earn his crown. FLOWERS is an afro-futuristic fairytale of love, following a ceremony of a mother giving away her son. Our protagonist is gifted with a heavy crown by his mother to the disappointment of his overlooked brothers.

Morning Joy

Brand: Kawai

Director: John Henry Hinkel

Morning Joy, produced by Ethan Pakchar and John Henry Hinkel, is a short film about a recently widowed pianist who has an unexpected encounter.

Somewhere Higher

Brand: Common Citizen

Director: Mohammad Gorjestani

Somewhere Higher, is a mini-anthology and channel-flip film about the people, art, and music inspired by cannabis in a post-legalization world, blending 35mm character vignettes with surreal 3D design and VFX. Common Citizen, a cannabis company based in Michigan, Even/Odd scouted all across the state to find cannabis users who have faced criminalization and stigmatization—so they could tell their side of the story.


Brand: U.S. Bank

Director: Rudy Valdez

U.S. Bank’s film Translators educates and inspires, introducing us to the fact that there are over 11 million child translators in the U.S.


The Big Idea

Brand: MIT Solve

Directors: Sarah Klein and Tom Mason

The Big Idea, follows the lives of three innovators who are brilliant, bold, and united by the desire to use technology, science and engineering to create radical, systemic change. While their innovations are uniquely their own, our subjects are united by a single life-changing opportunity.

Full Bleed

Brand: Adobe

Director: Patrick Daughters

Full Bleed, a documentary series taking viewers inside these iconic moments, going beyond the expected creator profile to explore what it takes to push boundaries, and examine how obstacles can become the conduit for groundbreaking work. Episode one of three, submitted here, centers the decade-long development of Freedom Tower with celebrated architect Daniel Libeskind.

Future Self

Brand: Amazon Web Services

Directors: Alex Gilbert

Future Self, a documentary series that tells the stories of three underrepresented students in tech from across the globe who overcome personal, professional, and cultural challenges in order to pursue a career in technology that can help each of them make a lasting impact in their communities. Created in collaboration with AWS, this series raises awareness for the AWS AI & ML Scholarship program that helps underserved and underrepresented youth learn foundational ML concepts to prepare them for careers in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Only in Dearborn

Brand: Square

Director: Hamoody Jaafar

Only in Dearborn, Ali Alhashemi, affectionately known as "Barber Al," is the American Dream personified, starting his business in high school, and cutting hair in his garage to help support his family. Now, he runs the most successful barbershop business in Dearborn, a diverse suburb west of Detroit and home to the largest population of Arab Americans outside the Middle East. What started as a job to make ends meet after his father passed, blossomed into a successful, multi-million-dollar franchise spanning three locations and supporting dozens of employees.

She Creates Change

Brand: Room to Read

Director: Martha Adams

She Creates Change, is an anthology series about six courageous teen girls who achieve things they once thought impossible. Each 11-minute episode begins with an animated short about a life-defining moment. A short documentary then reveals the teen hero behind the story.

The Team Behind GT Sophy

Brand: Sony AI

Director: Paula Chowles

The Team Behind GT Sophy, set itself the ambitious goal of training an artificial intelligence agent to play the game Gran Turismo — the most complex racing simulation ever devised — at such a high level that it could beat the best human players in the world. The story follows these ambitious researchers as they figure out how to develop the sort of lightning-fast decision-making abilities that no AI had ever mastered before —and trained it to navigate thorny concepts like good sportsmanship.


Asset 15

Brand: Verizon

Creators: Julina Tatlock and Vincent Malizia

Asset 15, uses cutting-edge immersive augmented reality gameplay and photorealistic 3D holograms to tell the story of FLUX, a hacktivist rebel, and her sister PETRA, a high-powered executive at the social media company, HELIOS. When Petra falls into a mysterious coma, Flux delves into their past to uncover the truth about Helios and its frightening new app.

Gorillaz Presents… Skinny Ape

Brand: Google

Creators: Jamie Hewlett and Fx Goby

Gorillaz Presents… Skinny Ape, sets out to revolutionize the concept of musical performances by transforming the streets of New York and London into stages for two groundbreaking experiences. On December 17 and 18 fans gathered together to witness Gorillaz play in real life – actually larger than life – with Murdoc, 2D, Noodle and Russel towering over them in the midst of two of the world’s most iconic skylines.

In Her Head

Brand: Accenture Song, part of Accenture

Creator: Jason Kreher

To raise awareness for the unique challenges faced by LPGA athletes, Accenture Song, the world’s largest tech-powered creative group, created ‘IN HER HEAD,’ an immersive virtual and experiential installation based on 60+ interviews of pro female golfers. By putting fans in the shoes of these extraordinary athletes, the project reframed the mental and physical barriers these elite female athletes overcome every time they step on the course.


Legacy of Speed

Brand: Tracksmith and PUMA

Director: Carly Migliori

Legacy of Speed, produced by Emily Rostek and Joel Meyer, follows two Black sprinters raising their fists in protest at the 1968 Olympic Games, which shook the world. Get to know the runners who took a stand, and the coaches who helped make them fast enough — and brave enough — to change the world.

Making an Impossible Airplane: The Untold Story of the Concorde

Brand: Atlassian

Director: Pedro Mendes

Making an Impossible Airplane: The Untold Story of the Concorde, a podcast part of Atlassian’s brand evolution to be seen as a champion of open collaboration. Our goal was to tell a story that hadn’t been told before to engage audiences, solidify Atlassian’s philosophy & promise of ‘impossible alone’, and unleash the potential in each team: engineers in two different countries, with two different languages, two different units of measurement, forced together by politics.

Work Sounds

Brand: Indeed

Directors: Martina Abrahams Ilunga and Onyx Espri

Work Sounds, a five-part audio album inspired by the sounds, stories, and people of real workplaces, immerses you into the tasks that make our communities run, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Blending foley, SFX, meditative sounds, ASMR, voice and binaural technology, the show marries art and utility, offering listeners sound therapy to stay grounded, present, and ultimately have a better workday.

The Creators


Isabel Bethencourt


Isabel is a Sundance award-winning filmmaker based in New York. She grew up in Los Angeles, California, and started photography at a young age. At New York University's Gallatin School, she studied cultural anthropology, documentary film, and cinematography. She has been considered “obese” her entire adult life. Growing up in a bigger body, she never felt like she saw characters on screen that she could relate to –all the fat characters (if they were even fat at all) had dark and depressing storylines, or were written to be bullied, or taken advantage of. Or just made into “over the top” comedic relief.

Matthieu Menu

Inside the Dream

Matthieu Menu is a director and artistic producer with dynamic and impactful productions and achievements. His latest achievement marked the fashion world with his Hometown series for CANAL PLUS and VICE His sense of rhythm also allows him to sign concert recordings like PNL or Damso recently. He has also worked in advertising for international projects such as Paco Rabanne, Amnesty International, L’oréal or Cartier.

Farhoud Meybodi

Earthbound: Nzambi Matee

Farhoud is a law school dropout turned filmmaker and entrepreneur focused on storytelling that inspires cultural change. He is the founder of Ritual Arts and, over the past twelve years, has collaborated on a variety of award-winning projects at the forefront of brand purpose and social impact. Farhoud serves as a member of the Television Academy and the Directors Guild of America, and he sits on the board of the Muslim Public Affairs Council's Hollywood Bureau. Additionally, he teaches an upper-division business course on storytelling for social impact at Loyola Marymount University. At his core, Farhoud believes in the transformative power of art to help heal the political and social divide of the present day.

Glen Milner

Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds

Glen Milner is an RTS award-winning and Grierson nominated filmmaker from Yorkshire, England. Early shorts picked up awards at the New York Short Film Festival and nominated at AFI DOCS, LIFF and Doc/Fest. Longer documentaries for broadcasters such as BBC, Disney, and LucasFilm have multiple awards and nominations at the Royal Television Society and The Grierson Trust, praised their intimate and unique visual approach, 'The Dying Swan' took the Grand Prix at the 2019 Prague Television Festival. He is currently directing a BFI backed feature documentary and is the co-founder of Filmworks, London. He is represented by United Agents.

Eternal Polk

Gaining Ground: The Fight for Black Land

Eternal Polk is a two time Emmy nominated director, writer, and segment producer with over 20 years working on short and long form projects including documentaries, music videos, branded content, & commercials. Intimate, nuanced, intentional while placing subjects on a pedestal to display their humanity is how Eternal describes his directing style and mission. Eternal has served as a creative director participating in ideation, directing client commercial shoots, and supervising post-production. His work has been featured on HBO, FOX, ESPN, ABC, BET, Vh2, and MTV. He recently directed and executive produced his first feature film, the documentary, Gaining Ground: The Fight For Black Land.


Ben Dean

Flipper’s Skate Heist

Ben Dean is an award-winning Aussie director based in Los Angeles. After being an ad guy and winning a bunch of ad guy awards, Ben decided it was time to become a director. His filmic work is defined by its dynamism, originality and authenticity, always pushing the boundaries of convention through a stunningly cinematic lens. Ben takes pride in presenting pure, human stories that strike a unique balance between realism and heightened reality - the type of films that make you do a double take. He brings a relentless focus on craft to all of his projects. Since his debut, and over the course of only a couple of years, Ben has collaborated with many notable artists and clients, including Nike, Nas, Masterclass, Keli Holiday, and Future Classics.

Mohammad Gorjestani

Somewhere Higher

Mohammad Gorjestani is an Iranian-born Director, Photographer, Creative Director, and Artist. His work exists between fiction and non-fiction forms, with a distinct aesthetic and language emerging from the intersection of the cultures and communities he was raised in. He was named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film after releasing his short film Refuge. His films have received recognition, including the Grand Jury Prize at SXSW, the Tribeca X Prize, and “Video of the Year” at the Vimeo Awards. Notably, his film EXIT 12 won six Academy Award-qualifying festivals, capped off by an acquisition by Fox Searchlight Pictures. His branded and commercial projects for brands like Beats by Dre, Cash App, and Square have earned awards at Cannes Lion, D&AD, The Clios, The One Show, among others.

Dumas Haddad


Dumas Haddad is an award winning director and writer raised in London who has developed his craft from the world's of fashion, music & bleeding edge culture. His work elicits powerful uses of analogies and on-the-pulse narrative and character underpinnings. Focused on storytelling and dramatic action, his desire to reframe contemporary culture represents a rising generation of filmmaker that are trying to transform both today and tomorrow's voices.

John Henry Hinkel

Morning Joy

John Henry Hinkel is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. As a screenwriter, he adapted the Oscar-nominated animated short film THE DAM KEEPER into a feature-length film for 20th Century Fox. He also wrote and directed the sci-fi short film, HOME, which was released in 2020 by Gunpowder & Sky and currently has over 8 million views online. MORNING JOY is his first animated short. The film had the honor of premiering in January 2023 at Brand Storytelling, a sanctioned event of the Sundance Film Festival.

Renee Maria Osubu

Dirt in the Diamond

Renee Maria Osubu is an award-winning British Nigerian photographer and film director from London. She often investigates themes of community, identity, race and childhood. Using the nuances of everyday life as her visual language. Like much of Osubu’s work this project harnesses the power of documenting, capturing and normalising the tenderness of the black family and community. Her past work has screened at Sundance, SFFILM, Blackstar and qualified for the Oscars and BAFTAs.

Bob Simpson

Bring Back the Whistledog

Bob is an award-winning director, creative director and writer at ad agency Rethink. Since 2015, he has directed commercials and long-form projects through Rethink’s content arm, R+D Productions, with a focus on non-fiction storytelling. His passion lies in not just delivering the truth but, just as important, making it feel believable as well. This conviction is reflected in his documentary debut, "Bring Back the Whistle Dog."

Rudy Valdez


Rudy Valdez is a two time Emmy Award-winning filmmaker committed to creating social, cultural, and political stories through a cinematic and meaningful lens. He got his start in film as a Camera Operator on the Peabody Award-winning, Sundance series Brick City and went onto direct a true passion project, The Sentence (HBO). Shot and directed by Valdez over the course of a decade, this feature documentary tells the very personal story of his sister's plight in the criminal justice system while tackling subjects like mandatory minimums and sentencing reform. For this work, the filmmaker won the 2019 Primetime Emmy Award for Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking, US Documentary Audience Award at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival and was a 2018 Critics Choice Documentary Awards Best New Director nominee.


Martha Adams

She Creates Change

Martha Adams is an Emmy-winning storyteller who produced the film at the center of the Girl Rising campaign and served as the organization’s Chief Creative Officer from 2012 to 2019. During her tenure at Girl Rising, Newsweek/Daily Beast named Adams as one of “125 Women of Impact,” Participant Media awarded Girl Rising a 98/100 for social impact, Fast Company honored Girl Rising in their “World Changing Ideas of 2019,” and Forbes Magazine named the Girl Rising movement the #1 Most Dynamic Social Initiative. Adams built the Girl Rising brand that became a "social media marketing phenomenon" and anchored social-impact campaigns aimed at solving the biggest problems of our time. She served as a Producer on the CNN Films special We Will Rise: Michelle Obama’s Mission to Educate Girls Around the World and in 2019 co-directed and co-produced the short film Brave Girl Rising.

Paula Chowles

The Team Behind GT Sophy

Paula runs production at Godfrey Dadich Partners, where she has spearheaded everything from the Emmy-nominated Netflix documentary series Abstract: The Art of Design to brand films for National Geographic, Lyft, Nike, Sony, and IBM. She has also directed numerous films, including a feature-length documentary on the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, and a three-part series on one of Sony’s most ambitious AI projects. Paula started her career as a broadcast journalist in her native South Africa, where she won numerous awards for her work.

Patrick Daughters

Full Bleed

Patrick Daughters is a renowned commercial and music video director known for his vividly expressive filmmaking. His visionary direction has been featured in ads for top brands such as Target, Stella Artois, Acura, Honda, Sony, and Ford. Daughters has directed music videos for some of the most well-known indie bands including “1234” for Feist, Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Maps”, and Adele’s “Send My Love (To Your New Lover”). His recent commercial work includes “Journey” for Dell and “Make It Real” for Squarespace. Daughters’ accolades include First Boards Award for Best New Director, AICP, D&AD, MTV VMA, Grammy, and UKMVA honors.

Alex Gilbert

Future Self

Alex Gilbert is an emerging multi-ethnic filmmaker of Indian and Hispanic descent whose portfolio spans multiple genres. A recent Fellow of the AICP Commercial Directors Diversity Program, Alexander’s work consists of heartfelt documentary films, cinematic branded content and elegantly crafted commercial work that has landed him several awards including the 2022 SHOOT New Directors Showcase, AICP, Young Director Awards, Young Ones ADC Award and more.

Hamoody Jaafar

Only in Dearborn

Real people are the inspiration for my work. I am a first generation Arab & Muslim-American that was raised in a diverse community in Detroit. Growing up I was exposed to a variety of people and cultures. I felt like an alien at times and through those experiences I knew I had a duty to tell stories. My goal is to use storytelling as a means to bridge those uncomfortable gaps and to shed light on people, rather than stereotypes by telling authentic, human stories.

Sarah Klein

The Big Idea

Redglass co-founder Sarah Klein is an award-winning producer and director. Her early credits include the HBO documentary, Hard as Nails and the Arte film, The Good Mother. Redglass Pictures was formed in 2006 and since then, Klein has co-directed and produced many notable projects, including History of Memory for HP, and a series of short films for Ken Burns’ Cancer: The Emperor of Maladies, which won a DuPont Award. Among the many hats she wears at Redglass, Klein leads creative development and production.

Tom Mason

The Big Idea

Tom Mason is the co-founder of Redglass, and in addition to co-directing and producing films with Klein, also serves as the principal of photography and post production. Mason’s cinematic approach to shorts comes from his deep roots in film and still photography, which he studied at Syracuse University. After receiving an Alexia Grant, Mason spent a year documenting the world of Russian adoption agencies. Some of the projects he has co-directed at Redglass include George Saunders: On Story and Ken Burns: On Story with the Atlantic, and How To Win An Election for The New York Times.


Julina Tatlock

Asset 15

Julina Tatlock is an award-winning Director and Executive Producer of VR, AR and XR experiences specializing in pioneering storytelling using new technologies for XR, mobile, location-based VR and game engine environments. Work includes Virtually Dating Season 2, Cretaceous VR, and the six-part VR miniseries, Invisible. Prior to founding 30 Ninjas, Tatlock spent 15 years in television, working at Martha Stewart Living and as a member of the launch team at Oxygen Media. She has served as chair of SMPTE's Future of Cinema Conference.

Vincent Malizia

Asset 15

Vincent Malizia is a director, designer, and creative technologist based in Paris, France. He has directed games, commercials, and VR experiences for institutions as varied as BNP Paribas, Perrier-Jouët Champagne, and L'Atelier des Lumières. He holds a degree from The Sorbonne (Paris 3) in Cinema.

Fx Goby

Gorillaz Presents… Skinny Ape

Emmy-nominated Director Fx Goby’s multidisciplinary expertise is unparalleled with extensive experience in 2D and 3D animation, live action, and everything in between. His groundbreaking multi-platform activations with Gorillaz include Gorillaz Presents, a first-of-its-kind immersive project created with Google, while his series with the Scottish Ballet championed inclusivity and diversity on and off screen. Previous credits include helping Volkswagen bid farewell to arguably one of the most loved cars in history with an emotionally charged rotoscope short. He also co-created Google’s multi-award-winning Back to the Moon in celebration of Georges Méliès, which became the only ever cross-platform Google Doodle made in 2D, 360, AR and VR. Fx’s work has been featured in Vogue, Hypebeast and Nowness, to name a few.

Jamie Hewlett

Gorillaz Presents… Skinny Ape

Created by musician Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz is singer 2D, bassist Murdoc Niccals, drummer Russel Hobbs and Japanese guitar prodigy Noodle. The BRIT and Grammy-winning virtual band formed following a collision of mishaps, meetings and pure luck to blow up a pre-digital world with their colourful backstory and ground-breaking virtual ways. Based at Kong Studios in West London, Gorillaz settled into a life of musical innovation with an eye-wateringly exciting roster of collaborators, a list that includes musical legends, geniuses and future stars from Elton John to Little Simz, MF Doom to Jean-Michel Jarre, Grace Jones to slowthai, Kali Uchis to Sidiki Diabaté, plus so many more. With seven albums to their name, they are global phenomenon, winning numerous awards including the coveted Jim Henson Creativity Honor.

Jason Kreher

In Her Head

Jason Kreher has spent his career creating impactful, award-winning work for some of the greatest brands in the world. After nearly 15 years at Wieden + Kennedy's Portland office, Kreher has recently joined Accenture Song as Chief Creative Officer, North America, building a new capability with a focus on entertainment, tech and web3. Whatever that means. Kreher and his work have been covered by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Vice, The Onion’s AV Club, Time, The Paris Review, Buzzfeed, Creativity Magazine and AdWeek, among countless others.


Onyx Espri

Work Sounds

Onyx Èspri is a writer, director, and producer for podcast, theatre, and film. After entering the entertainment industry as a triple-threat performer, Onyx’s love of performing evolved into a love of storytelling. She creates art influenced by world history, fantasy/mythology, and afro-futurism. Onyx's mission is to present a wide and unique range of multicultural representations of the Black experience outside the influence of the white gaze and within the African Diaspora. Onyx won’t rest until she creates a home and a place of reprieve from the world for Black audiences through her art. She is a proud Alumna of Spelman College.

Martina Abrahams Ilunga

Work Sounds

Bio coming soon

Pedro Mendes

Making an Impossible Airplane: The Untold Story of the Concorde

Pedro Mendes has been an audio producer, host, and editor for almost two decades. He spent 13 years at CBC Radio where he worked on arts, sports, music, and current affairs programming, as well as producing and hosting a number of his own series and documentaries. He has worked as a studio director for Penguin Audio Books with some of Canada’s most prominent authors as well as a past Prime Minister. Pedro is also Canada’s leading voice on classic men’s style.

Carly Migliori

Legacy of Speed

Carly Migliori is an executive in the audio industry and is currently Vice President of Partnerships at Pushkin Industries, home to the podcasts Against the Rules, The Happiness Lab, Revisionist History, and more. She leads the branded content arm at Pushkin, working with clients such as Apple, Tracksmith, PUMA, Lexus, IBM, Cadillac, and The Rockefeller Foundation. Her expertise lies in helping brands tell their stories in audio, across multiple formats and lengths, tailoring creative to client KPIs. Prior to Pushkin, Carly worked in-house at Megaphone, Fast Company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and Rodale. She lives in Brooklyn.




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