It was a tough job, but our Festival programmers narrowed 536 entries down to a list of 40 Vines (10 in each category), which they then presented to the Jury to choose the winners of this year's contest. 

So without further ado, here are the runners-up for all four categories plus the top 10 finalists for the Audience Award. Congratulations to all of these talented Vine creators - we have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot more of their work in the future.


I Carried a Watermelon by yelldesign

Let Your Imagination Take Over by Bruno Bergallo

The Polar Vortex by Lawrence Becker

Self Portrait by BetterOffRed

The Dream Offered Equestrian Elegance, but Unfortunately I Had Watched The Godfather Before Bed by Hypnoworld

Happiness is a Warm Pill by Frank Forte

3D Watercolor Carousel on Our Desk by Pinot

Werewolf by ARTISMIA

Falling Into Frame by Johnny McHone

The Snake Portal by Lawrence Becker



Good Thing I Can Teleport by Lawrence Becker

Trigger Happy by Derp

Part II. Batter Up by DeathSmoKe

There's Not Enough #Time... Someone's Coming by jiffilms

NYZ by Darran J Foster

I Haven't Been Feeling Myself Lately. I Feel Like I'm Losing My Marbles by Peter Heacock

The "Wheelers" Got Him! I Guess He was Wounded Anyway by Derp

Rear Witness by HalBot

Maison de Santé (My Private Asylum) by BIG RED



Family by Peter Heacock

Love Hysterical by Aleris Lux

123456 = LOVE by Waditya

What the Daughter Does, the Mother Did. Jewish Proverb. by HEIDS

The Ugly Duck by in Harmonium

Being a Parent is Both the Worst and Best Thing at the Same Time by Nick Canfalone

I Could've Been Anything by Namestoocommon

The Daily Grind by Mike Bennett

Lazer loses his train of thought by Matt Swinsky



Shoes with Dan Siegel and Rachel Ilg by Greg Stees

The Fear of a Movie Using Your Name by MCandFriends

A Wizard Tries to Impress a Girl by Summoning Infinite Soymilk by Avery Monsen

Untitled by yodoob

Untitled by HEIDS

Untitled by Justin Davis™

WORK by Nick Gallo

Hush Up by Woodsie

The Love Triangle by Moose Allain


The Audience Award, powered by the Pitch'd video contest platform:

Here are the Top 10 Vines in all categories, as chosen by you:

Shaking Free by Evan Hilton

Walking in the Puddle After Rain by Pinot

123456=LOVE by Mas Waditya

His Phone Rang... by Philiplarkin

Teamwork by FiazOW

Can't Argue With That by CDC FILMS

My First Indoor Veggie Garden by Roberto Grossman

Poolside Reflections by Andrew Jive

Tomatoman's Jump On the Trapeze by Steffie

The Mail Has Been Received by Brown Malkovich