The newly released Birdman trailer gives us a glimpse of this comedy-drama-superhero flick set to open in October 2014. If you've seen Babel, it's clear that comedy is the last thing we'd expect of Iñárritu, but this trailer definitely gives us hope (just wait till the end for the Keaton vs. Norton brawl). 

Birdman tells the story of a forgotten actor who once played a superhero, trying to revive his career by starring in a Broadway play. We're already chuckling at the fact that Michael Keaton is playing said ex-superhero character, but we're also waiting to see how Iñárritu will incorporate the all-star supporting cast including: Emma Stone, Naomi Watts, Edward Norton, Zach Galifianakis, Amy Ryan, and Andrea Riseborough. 

Iñárritu reveals to us a pretty elaborate- albeit terifying- bird. 

Emma Stone wondering if it's a bird or a plane she's seeing out her window.

We're excited to see how this unlikely romance will play out .

Typical superhero shot of Michael Keaton's Riggan Thompson .

Less intimidating, and perhaps more realstic, birds from the trailer .

Judging by the awesome song choice in the trailer (Gnarls Barley's 'Crazy'), we're guessing that music will be an integral part of the film. 

We're expecting nothing less of amazing from acclaimed cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki ('Gravity', 'The Tree of Life') who's already provided us with breathtaking shots like this in the trailer.

Blue hues are definitely punctuated throughout the trailer, and presumably throughout the film.

We're sensing a love triangle in the air...afterall, what would a superhero movie be without one?

One of the many epic shots of Michael Keaton- also wondering if the costume designer used Walter White as inspiration for the film.