Our #6SECFILMS competition is back and bigger than ever (and ends tomorrow!) New this year: international entries will be accepted, our prize package is updated to focus on helping Vine creators turn their hobby into a career, and best of all, in addition to a juried competition, this year we'll give out an Audience Award that can be voted on by all! 

Here's how it works: Vine creators will make as many Vines as they want in any of the following categories: #GENRE, #DRAMA, #COMEDY, or #ANIMATION, and the TFF programming team will create a short list of their favorites to share with our jury (jury to be announced soon). The jury will choose a winner in each category, and the public will vote on an audience award winner across all categories.

Go to the #6SECFILMS page for all the details!

Here are some tips:

The challenge: make a film in six seconds.

Your short film should tell story with a beginning, middle, and end. Creating unique characters, worlds, and plots for your Vine will give you an advantage. Embracing the Vinely qualities of looping, time manipulation, etc. will give you even more of one. Staying within and exploiting the limitations inherent to Vine will gain the respect of the pros and our jury. (Note: please see the official rules regarding use of third-party copyrighted material such as music, etc.)



Are you thinking of a making a horror Vine? A sci-fi or fantasy Vine? A western Vine? A sci-fi/western/horror Vine? This is the category for you. Show us how a genre film can best thrive in six seconds and you'll take home the winning prize.


Do you have a six-second story of heartbreak, romance, tragedy, or a tale that exposes a complicated family dynamic? Tell it best in six seconds and you could win in the #DRAMA category.


Animation has taken a foothold on the Vine platform. We don't need to describe it: you get it. The best animated story will take home the prize in the #ANIMATION category.


Vine is THE place for comedy right now. Tell us a funny story in six seconds and you could win in the #COMEDY category.

Go to the #6SECFILMS page for entry details and rules. Good luck!

Audience voting for this competition is delivered by the Pitch'd video contest platform.