How to Get Tickets

The Tribeca Film Festival offers much more than just films; it's a celebration of storytelling in all its forms, including TV, music, audio storytelling, games, and XR. Below, you can learn how to secure your tickets and passes for curated innovative experiences featuring award-winning talent.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Tickets and Passes

The 2024 Tribeca Festival transcends traditional film viewing, celebrating a diverse array of storytelling mediums—TV, music, podcasts, talks, video games, and XR. Discover the steps to purchase tickets and passes for an unparalleled experience with innovative showcases and award-winning talent in NYC.

How Can I Experience the Tribeca Festival?

You can attend the Tribeca Festival in the heart of NYC, June 5th-16th. There are many ways to experience the festival using our many Festival Passes, which grant you packaged entry to screenings and events. Alternatively, single tickets will get you entry to the individual programs you want to see.

Passes and Tickets Packages

Choose from Z Pass Package, Hudson Pass, Festival Favorites Day Pass, Matinee Pass, Tribeca X Day Passes, 8 & 12 Ticket Packages, 3 De Niro Con Passes and Gift Cards

Feature Film Screenings

Showcasing the best-emerging talent from across the globe alongside established household names, this year's slate of feature films is a joyful celebration of everything we love about the big screen experience, rousing music documentaries, white-knuckle thrillers, knee-slapping comedies, independent edge, and old Hollywood glamor.
Explore Festival Feature Films

Short Film Screenings

From free-flowing music and dance to wild late-night comedy, join us for an unforgettable journey through an incredible range of narrative shorts, documentary shorts, animated shorts, and music videos curated across themes that highlight love, family relationships, LGBTQ+ stories, 'Expressions of Black Freedom,' Latinx communities, resilience, and more.
Coming 4/23

Tribeca Talks

Listen to extraordinary stories and gain valuable insights from iconic artists, critically acclaimed directors, and multi-hyphenate entertainers at Talks, Reunions, and Master Classes.
Coming 4/30

Tribeca TV

Check out our roster of world premieres of new and returning television shows for the 2024 Tribeca Festival!
Coming 4/18

Tribeca NOW

Uncover compelling independent episodic work with eight standout selections, including short and long-form pilots and series featuring the next generation of provocative and unique stories.
Coming 4/18


Games selections highlight and celebrate a unique, innovative, and artful storytelling medium.
Coming 4/25


Immersive selections feature cutting-edge virtual, augmented, mixed reality, and participatory experiences from top artists who are pushing the boundaries of traditional storytelling.
Coming 5/2

Audio Storytelling

Our Audio Storytelling lineup brings together an expansive community of listeners and creators alike with interdisciplinary programming, parties, and sound-rich “Live-from-Tribeca” events.
Coming 4/25

The Music Lounge

The Tribeca Music Lounge is open to the public and returns to Baby’s Alright, offering Festival attendees the opportunity to experience the intersection of film and music.
Coming 5/9

For more information and ticketing details, please visit out Box Office page, here


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