It’s a common practice for design professionals to give design students a project. Students get a chance to work on a real world assignment and professional are able to share thoughts on the work at hand and advice for navigating a career in design.

In this case, Tribeca Creative Director Dan Dickson tasked Stan Anderson’s Senior Design Class of Georgia State University with creating hypothetical posters for the 2013 Festival. The results were refreshing and surprising. We chose a few that caught our eye. Scroll through and enjoy!

Designer: Kwame Amuleru

Description: The smoking camera, literally blowing a hole through commercial barriers that might keep an audience from great non-traditional films, which are represented by layered/collaged scripts in the background.

Designer: Matt Rinehart

Description: A funny & whimsical illustration displaying immersion in film.

Designer: Sean Jones

Description: Lighthearted mug shots showing the different types of audience members.


Designer: Shu Chen

Description: New York Indie Film take-over.

Designer: Lauren Harvill

Description: Taking a familiar object from the film-going experience and subtly adding a shadow of the New York skyline and other urban imagery. Making indie film & New York synonymous.

Designer: Jerad Hill

Description: Filmmaking is collaborative effort. It takes various means of production to pull together in a seamless way. This design illustrates the many pieces of collaboration.

Congrats to the GSU design students for these spec posters.